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Screenshot of a college planning mobile app interface with the profile name "Gabe" and status "FRESHMAN - FALL" at the top. The screen is divided into sections for "Reach," "Target," and "Safety" colleges. Under "Reach," there is an entry for "Massachusetts Institute of Technol..." with an icon suggesting more information. "Target" lists "Ithaca College" and "North Carolina State University at..." both with similar icons. Under "Safety," there is an entry for "Wake Technical Community College." Icons at the bottom indicate navigation options for "Colleges," "Dashboard," and "Portfolio." The overall design features bright colors with green and purple, and the plus symbol and menu at the top suggest additional functionalities.
A little schoolhouse to represent your chosen colleges and universities that you would like to apply to.
Unveiling Your Path to College Success with CollegeHound
Embarking on the college application process is a journey of aspirations, where the choices you make today illuminate the path to your future.
CollegeHound is here to guide you through this pivotal decision-making process, helping you discern between Reach, Target, and Safety schools, and track your progress toward meeting each college's qualifications.
Strategic School Selection: With CollegeHound, demystify the complex landscape of college admissions. Our platform empowers you to categorize potential colleges into Reach, Target, and Safety schools based on personalized criteria, ensuring a balanced and strategic approach to your college application process.
Tailored Guidance for Every Milestone: We understand that not all colleges will align with your journey. CollegeHound enables you to dynamically adjust your college list, adding or removing schools based on evolving preferences or qualifications, ensuring that your final list is not just a reflection of where you can get in, but where you truly belong.
Screenshot of a section titled "Your Portfolio" in a college planning mobile application. The user "Gabe" is indicated as "FRESHMAN - FALL" at the top of the screen. The portfolio section includes categories such as "Academics," "Applications," "Awards/Honors," "College Visits," "Essays," "Extracurriculars," "Financial Aid," and "High School," each with an accompanying icon and an arrow suggesting further information is available upon selection. The app's navigation icons at the bottom are for "Colleges," "Dashboard," and "Portfolio." The interface utilizes a color palette of green, purple, and beige.
A little briefcase image to represent CollegeHound Portfolio.
Your Portfolio:
Where Aspirations Meet Organization on CollegeHound
Navigating the road to college is a multifaceted journey, demanding meticulous attention to a myriad of elements that define your academic and extracurricular achievements. CollegeHound's "Your Portfolio" section is designed as your comprehensive hub, organizing every pivotal aspect of your college application journey—from academics to extracurriculars, essays to recommendations, and beyond.
Academics: Track your academic journey with precision. Our Academics section allows you to detail your courses, GPA, and academic progress, providing a clear snapshot of your scholarly achievements.
Applications: Streamline your application process. This dedicated area helps you manage deadlines, application statuses, and requirements for each college on your list, ensuring you're on track and informed.
Financial Aid: Navigate the financial aspects of your college journey. Track scholarships, grants, and financial aid applications, ensuring you're maximizing opportunities to support your education.
Screenshot of a college planning app interface for a user named "Gabe," marked as "FRESHMAN - FALL." The menu items listed include "Financial Aid," "High School," "Recommendations," and "Standardized Tests" under a section titled "Your Stuff," with arrows indicating further options. Below these, there are four more items titled "Notes," "Documents," "Links," and "Contacts," each accompanied by an icon representative of the category and an arrow. At the bottom of the screen, there are navigation options for "Colleges," "Dashboard," and "Portfolio," represented by icons. The color scheme includes green and purple, and the top of the screen shows a user icon, a collapsible menu, and a help button.
A little briefcase image to represent CollegeHound Portfolio.
Your Journey, Organized: The "Your Stuff" Section on CollegeHound
Embarking on the college admission process is both exciting and demanding. With countless thoughts, documents, and contacts to manage, staying organized is key to navigating this journey with confidence. CollegeHound's "Your Stuff" section is designed to be your personalized command center, ensuring that every piece of your college planning puzzle is securely organized and easily accessible.
Notes - Capture Every Thought: From sudden inspirations to detailed planning, the Notes feature within CollegeHound allows students and parents to jot down thoughts, ideas, and reminders. Whether you're brainstorming essay topics or reflecting on college visits, your notes will keep your insights in one place, ready when you need them.
Documents - Your Portfolio, Streamlined: Uploading important documents like essays, letters of recommendation, and transcripts is seamless with CollegeHound. Our Documents section not only keeps your files organized but also ensures they're readily available for submission. It's your digital portfolio, simplified and secured.
Links - Essential Resources at Your Fingertips: Navigating the myriad of college admission resources can be overwhelming. CollegeHound's Links section provides you with direct access to vital websites, such as the College Board, Common App, and more. We've curated the most important resources to ensure you have all the tools you need, all in one place.

Contacts - Keep Your Network Close:
From teachers and coaches to recommenders, the Contacts feature helps you maintain a detailed list of everyone supporting your college admission journey. With CollegeHound, you'll have a centralized location for all contact information, making it easy to reach out for advice, recommendations, or a thank-you note.
Screenshot of a section in a college planning mobile application. The profile displayed is for "Gabe," marked as "FRESHMAN - FALL." A financial aid notification is prominently displayed with the title "Have you created your FAFSA IDs?" followed by a detailed explanation about the importance of creating a Student FAFSA ID and a Parent FAFSA ID for accessing federal financial aid for college. It emphasizes that the FAFSA ID serves as a legal signature and grants access to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online system, describing it as the first step in applying for federal grants, loans, and work-study funds. Two buttons at the bottom of the notification offer the options to "Hide" the message or "Create FAFSA IDs." The screen also shows navigation icons for "Colleges," "Dashboard," and "Portfolio" at the bottom. The design includes a green color scheme with purple accents.
A little schoolhouse to represent your chosen colleges and universities that you would like to apply to.
Navigate Your College Prep with Precision: The CollegeHound Dashboard
Embarking on your college journey demands not just vision but actionable steps that guide you towards your dreams. At CollegeHound, we've designed the Dashboard to be the heart of your college preparation—a dynamic, personalized hub that presents you with current prompts, actions, and insights tailored to your academic grade and specific needs.
Actionable Prompts, Customized for You: Your journey is unique, and so is the guidance you need. The CollegeHound Dashboard intelligently delivers prompts for actions or information crucial to your current stage in the college preparation process. From freshman year through senior year, we ensure you're always focused on the right priorities at the right time.
Comprehensive  Across Your Portfolio: Beyond generic reminders, our dashboard dives deep into each section of your portfolio—Academics, Applications, Awards/Honors, College Visits, Essays, Extracurriculars, Financial Aid, High School Achievements, Recommendations, and Standardized Tests. For each aspect of your journey, we provide tailored prompts for tasks to complete, documents to gather, or strategies to consider, ensuring you're making comprehensive progress toward your college goals.
Empowerment at Your Fingertips: With a focus on actionable insights and personalized guidance, the CollegeHound Dashboard transforms the daunting college prep process into a series of manageable, strategic steps. We empower you to take control of your college journey, ensuring you're not just dreaming about the future—you're actively shaping it.
Screenshot of a mobile application interface under the header "Guidance" with a search bar at the top. The interface lists various resources with titles and corresponding category tags. From top to bottom, the resources are: "Steps for Fee Waiver: Parents" with tags "FINANCIAL AID" and "STANDARDIZED TEST," "Fee Waiver Basics" with the same tags, "Tracking Awards" with the tag "AWARD/HONOR," "Steps for Fee Waiver: Students" with the same tags as the first two, "Weighted verses Unweighted GPA" with the tag "ACADEMIC," "Seeking Awards" with the tag "AWARD/HONOR," "Find Your Best Fit College" with the tag "COLLEGE," "The Common App Essay Suggestions" with the tag "ESSAY," and "Ideas for Extracurriculars" with the tag "EXTRACURRICULAR." Each resource has an arrow indicating more information is available upon selection. The background is a beige color, and the navigation menu icon is visible in the header.
A little schoolhouse to represent your chosen colleges and universities that you would like to apply to.
Your Compass Through College Prep:
The CollegeHound Guidance Section
At CollegeHound, we believe that informed decisions pave the way to success. The journey to college is filled with complexities and challenges, often accompanied by myths and misconceptions. That's where our Guidance Section comes into play—an essential resource designed to illuminate your path with clarity, accuracy, and expert advice.
Decoding the College Application Process: Our ever-expanding Guidance Section is a comprehensive repository of information covering every aspect of your college application portfolio. From Academics to Essays, Financial Aid to Standardized Tests, we provide the knowledge you need to navigate each step of your journey with confidence.
Tailored Advice for Every Stage: Whether you're just starting high school or are in the midst of your senior year application frenzy, our guidance is designed to be relevant and actionable. We provide insights tailored to each phase of your education, ensuring that you're always equipped with the right information at the right time.
The CollegeHound Guidance Section empowers you and your family with the knowledge to make informed decisions throughout the college application process. By offering clear, accurate information and debunking myths, we help you build a solid foundation for your future. Our guidance is more than just answers—it's a roadmap to success, designed to navigate the complexities of college admissions with ease and confidence.
This is the CollegeHound symbol for your CollegeHound app notifications. Never lose track of an important deadline or changes to your process with Notifications.
Shared Access, Shared Dreams:
CollegeHound enables both students and parents to have access to the same account, allowing for real-time updates, shared notes, and the ability to track progress together. This shared access ensures that everyone is on the same page, working together towards the same goal.
A little briefcase image to represent CollegeHound Portfolio.
Empower Each Other, Every Step of the Way:
CollegeHound believes in the power of collaboration. Our platform not only strengthens the bond between students and their parents but also empowers them to tackle the college application process with confidence, clarity, and a sense of shared purpose.
A little schoolhouse to represent your chosen colleges and universities that you would like to apply to.
Joint Planning and Decision-Making:
From selecting potential colleges to reviewing financial aid options, CollegeHound provides a common ground for discussion and decision-making. Our resources and guidance are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations, helping families make informed decisions together.
CollegeHound will make your college application process easier.
School Visits: We will provide you with some common questions to ask, but also give you the opportunity to add your own metrics that you can then compare each of your schools against. We want you to be able to compare Apples to Apples.
Recommendations: Again, students are doing amazing things younger and younger, so why not start collecting letters of recommendation? Letters of recommendation can be used for the college admission process, but also when applying for Scholarships.

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